Top 6 Benefits Of Olive Oil For Hair

The Benefits Of Olive Oil For Your Hair are very serious, and best of all done naturally without chemicals.  In the Mediterranean region, the oil produced in this region is considered to be the finest of all olive oils, especially from The AREA of Sham, Jordan, Greece, Tunisia, Spain, Italy, and other Mediterranean countries, olive oil is part of daily life routine.
No wonder why in here you still can find many people above 100 still around with their thick black hair still on top of their shoulders.

How many olive trees are out there?

The number of olive trees in all regions of the world has been estimated at about 700 and 50 million trees, and the number of olive trees planted in the Mediterranean Sea basin has been estimated at about ninety-five percent of the total olive trees in various regions of the world.
Olive oil consumptionbenefits of olive oil for your hair
while the first state in The number of olive trees in Spain; the proportion of Spanish olive trees is estimated at about 27 percent of the total number of trees in the world, and the first state in the world in terms of the use of olive oil is Greece.
One Greek individual consumes about twenty-six liters a year on average, the average is high if compared with the two second-ranked states, Italy and Spain, with a consumption rate of about fourteen liters per annum per capita.

The Benefits Of Olive Oil For Your Hair

Olive oil has many benefits… There are benefits to the inner body organs, plus the benefits of the outer body parts which include hair, and one of the most notable benefits of olive oil for the hair are:

(1) – Helps to rid of dandruff, when mixed with a spoonful of lemon juice.

(2) – Protects the hair from shedding, especially in the winter, hair in winter gets dry and electrical static,  olive oil gives it health, humidity, and smoothness.

(3) – Helps to soften hair, especially if it is curly, or brittle.

(4) – Herbology makes your hair brighter and gives it health and strength, olive oil is very rich in vitamins A and E as well as its richness with antioxidants.

(5) – Olive oil helps to grow hair as well, as it preserves the percentage of carotene within natural limits
(6) – Helps to prevent the accumulation of cambium, which hampers the growth of the hair by hindering it to form Folicures.

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