Top 5 Early Harvest Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The Early Harvest Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil is considered to be one of the most popular olive oil in the world. There is a floating slang in Europe that says, “If what you are eating is not a Greek oil, you are eating nothing!”.

Top 5 Early Harvest Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Alexander the Great

Since the days of Alexander the Great and beyond, Greece had been harvesting all types of olives with full perfection and unmatchable pride. Most oil harvesting is operated by known proud families’ who generation after generation label their own products with super perfection and meticulous calculations. And the result is a product that is hard to resist or compete with.

The oil that worth every penny

Even though the Greek olive oil might be a little more expensive, it’s worth every penny you spend on it if compared with what you get back from this marvelous oil.

One of the top Greek olive oil types is the Early Harvest Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil, And I usually choose the organic brand to make it even more healthy.

If the Greek olive oil is your choice today, would you accept my recommendation, I’m an olive oil freak and settle for nothing but the best. I often buy the oil and try it first, and if I like it, I add it to my menu of olive oil collections, yes, I live for olive oil!

Here are the 5 top Early Harvest Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil to choose from

(1) EDAFOS Greek Extra Virgin Olive, Fresh, Cold-Pressed Olive Oil from Greece, PDO Crete Olive Oil from 2022 Harvest

Top 5 Early Harvest Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil

I do use this oil along with the Kirkland organic extra virgin olive oil. I dip my Italian bread with it in the morning, it is so rich and delicious it can become addictive, but for the better of course! If you get used to olive oil and ever had it before, you will wonder what took you so long to start!

This oil is cold-pressed within hours of harvesting to preserve the fresh, delicious nature of the olives and is perfect for cooking, drizzling,  seafood, feta salads, and savory, bitter greens.

It comes in a tin of 101 Fluid Ounces, enough to last you for a while depending on how much you are going to use

(2) Keros Greek Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Fresh, Cold-Pressed From Sparta, Greece-Organic Olive Oil from 2022 Harvest.

 Early Harvest Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This virgin olive is cold-pressed within hours of harvesting to preserve the fresh aroma of the fresh, lovely aroma of the olives. This oil is perfect for cooking, drizzling, baking, sautéing, And many more. 

(3) – YANNI’S FINEST Greek Multi Awarded Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

This oil is a dream come true for the pure olive oil lovers that have all they’re looking for in a top-notch extra virgin olive oil.

This oil is  100% Natural, Single Origin, Cold-Pressed,  Early Harvest with Low Acidity High in Polyphenols with Non-GMO, and Gluten-Free.

(4) – Kosterina Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Cold-Pressed EVOO, from 100% Pure Early Harvest  Olives.

Top 5 Early Harvest Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Kosterina virgin oil is made from olives that are harvested early & cold-pressed the day they are picked. The olive oil is made in the Peloponnese region of Greece near the Kosterina family home in Koroni. It is always harvested early for an optimal combination of flavor & quality.

(5) – Laconiko Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil—AWARD-WINNING 

No olive oil has raked so many awards as Laconiko olive oil.  Voted #2 best olive oil producer in the world in 2020 and TOP 5 BEST KORONEIKI in the world for 2021 by the EVOO World Ranking Organization!

Another Gold Medal in the 2021 New York International Olive Oil Competition,  and one more Award in the 2018 Athens International Olive Oil Competition.

There you have it—The top 5 Early Harvest Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil—You won’t go wrong with a choice of these 5 brands, They are all genuine, top quality, and award winners.

If you need any further help or like to add to this topic, please do so in the comment box below, deeply appreciated.

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