The Benefits Of Olive Oil For Skin – The Hidden Phenomena

How Olive oil is beneficiary to our skin?

Most oils naturally contains healthy and unhealthy fatty acids. With olive oil There are different types of extracts like extra virgin, light,  virgin, organic and regular olive oil.  Numerous Studies show that the most effective olive oil for our health benefits is that of organic extra virgin olive oil. The Benefits Of Olive Oil For Skin

Olive oil is widely used in many applications such as cooking,  foods processing, pharmaceuticals, soaps, cosmetics and other applications. Olive oil has been used for centuries an effective way to improve skin conditions and overcome many other stubborn illnesses.

The Benefits of olive oil for Skin

Olive oil contains a beneficial healthy fat sources that protect the skin from ultraviolent light damage from the sun, toxic materials, food poisoning and allergies. The substances found in antioxidants and in vitamin E effectively fight infections and hormone imbalances, hydrates skin cells, and help in healing.

The substances olive oil contains do not clog pores as other products you find on store shelves might. Olive oil effectively penetrate your skin and provide protection from free radicals while cleansing the skin cells. The combined vitamins of E and vitamin A in olive oil repair cells from harmful environmental elements.

The Antioxidants in olive oil reaches deep into your skin pores and help remove dead skin cells, blackheads and other toxins. Olive oil has proven to cure even acne as it removes excess facial oils.

And for DIY facial masks and related beauty practices, olive oil proudly earned its place on the vanity stands of women and men worldwide. Olive oil is also used by a large number of men as a substitute for shaving cream, it stimulates the hair follicles for a close shave, and keep your baby face skin and youth flourishing for many extra years.

How I personally use olive oil externally

My best usage of olive oil is massaging my tired skin with an extra virgin olive oil, My top brand is the kirkland organic extra virgin olive oil brand and sea salt. Mix one teaspoon of oil with the natural salt and massage your face gently. This process removes dead skin cells and rejuvenate your complexion. You can take care of your Sensitive skin by using olive oil and sugar instead of salt.

You can massage any part of your body with extra virgin olive oil and rub a couple of teaspoons in your hair before taking a shower and watch that hair as it flourishes and comes alive.

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