Spanish extra virgin olive oil review & Top Recommendations

Updated 6/02/2022

My Spanish extra virgin olive oil review will shed the light and uncover the awesome quality of the olive oil that came from this part of the world. Olive Oil has been and still to this date an integral part of Spanish cuisine since the Phoenician and Greeks introduced olive trees to the Iberian Peninsula in antiquity, and generations continued to take care of the trees until Spain became one of the most important exporters of top-quality olive oil.

Spanish extra virgin olive oil review & Top Recommendations

The olive and its age are harvested at different times of the year, which affects the flavor of the oil extracted in terms of quality, so just the arrival of olives to the grassy, it is crushed and squeezed to extract the oil twice to extract impurities.

Types of Spanish olive oil

The ripe green olive is harvested in the early autumn of Spain, and its color is green and has a sharp and pungent flavor, either olive that is harvested in the early spring to the winter.

It is more natural and has a darker color, and the oil from it is gold and tastes smoother, and is preserved in Bottles place the function markings on the oil type directly in the facade of the bottle to provide the best type of service to the consumer, and to get the best possible quality to cook, that is what characterizes Spanish olive oil.

Spanish extra virgin olive oil review 

The quality of extra virgin olive oil shall always be better. There are rules for different P.H levels of olive oil, which differ between the period of the olive age. Assorted olive oil, from the types of oil in which different types are used to extract oil, the oil is squeezed to get different and certain flavors of oil.

The origin of the olive or the Harvester place significantly affects the type of oil, but all types of Spanish oil have almost the same taste. One of the most important things that determine the flavor and the degree of the oil is the time when the olive was picked and its age.

Benefits of extra virgin olive oil

Heart disease:

Research has shown that the incidence of heart disease is significantly lower in Mediterranean countries, as olive oil is an element that is key in their diet, with olive oil containing mono-saturated fats and contributing to good cholesterol-raising.


Olive oil contains effective supplements that have a positive impact on bone density. Osteoporosis is a disease in which bone mass is reduced, which in turn causes Osteopenia tissue disorder, leading to fractures.


According to Spanish researchers from the University of Navarra, a diet rich in olive oil protects against mental and psychological illnesses, including depression.

Skin cancer:

Another study has shown that olive oil in addition to the diet in Spain or the Mediterranean Basin States contributes to the prevention of skin serpentine; olive oil is rich in antioxidants.


Spanish extra virgin olive oil review & Top Recommendations


Like the rest of the Mediterranean areas, Spanish olive oil will always be a major player in the best olive oil contribution.

My top recommended Spanish olive oil will always be of that delicious extra virgin especially the organic brand, but I’ll settle for either one.

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Spanish extra virgin olive oil review & Top Recommendations

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