Olive Oil Nutrition Facts And History – The Devine Tree

Deep Historical Roots


By Sam Ammouri

Owner of bestoliveoilbuy.com

Sam Ammouri, owner of bestoliveoilbuy.com

As deep in history as 8 thousand years ago,  people have been harvesting the olive fruit and turning it into a magical different recipes one of which olive oil is our top choice. Throughout the long journey, people slowly started to discover and learn about the phenomenal and mysterious healing powers this divine product possess, no surprise to why olive oil was mentioned in the three holy books of Islam Jewish and Christian Bibles, the olive branch has been the symbol of peace for as long as history can recall.

A divine Touch

 Wad Olive oil mentioned in holey books? See answer Blow

Olive oil is mentioned in the wholly books of islam, jewish and Christian 3

Olive tree said to be first harvested along the Mediterranean sea, in southern Jordan to be exact Since 8000 years, and since then the methods of harvesting the fruit have not changed that much, the best OLIVE OIL taste is that of the innocent extra virgin processed right after hearvesting by the very old fashioned donkey and mule operated stone mills, A vanishing process that is rarely seen today.

The old fasshion way olive oil used to be processed


The old fasshion way olive oil used to be processed
The modern way olive oil is processed today

Does olive oil taste the Same?


Generally speaking the answer is “YEA and NO”

YES,  because olive oil in general has a very distinctive taste and smell that separate it away from all other oils , and NO  because there is more than 8000 different kinds of olive tree species live in various climates around the world which make olive oil so different in taste and sometimes hard for the inexperienced to tell or distinguish the right olive oil or mistake the product as a tampered with oil.

It is very natural for the olive oil to taste different from tree to tree, terrain to terrain, climate to climate, old to young trees, light, virgin or extra virgin, organic or not, the age of the oil and the way and temperature it was kept under, the color of the fruit and sometimes consciouseless tampering by some companies plays a big roll in the oil taste.


How do I know the good olive oil from the bad?

This is really a hard job, unless you live around the Mediterranean countries who consume only olive oil in most their dishes daily, or if you are an olive oil passionate lover then you might distinguish your right oil. Otherwise you’d need some recommendations of some type and you may want to start educating yourself about olive oil if you decide to add olive oil to your diet, it’s really worth it, and your health and body will appreciate it down the road.


Is Olive oil actually good for your health?

Olive oil is a real healing wonder and the ultimate natural phenomena that can add many years to your life, I myself live around the Mediterranean and have seen many who lived way above 100 years, still fully functional, some of them never visited a doctor , and when asked their answer was always eat garlic olive oil and natural organic stuff like we did in our days. It might be very hard to mimic them with the way our modern life is going but does not stop you from trying your best.

Olive oil can be a very effective remedy against Arthritis, joint pains, stomach ailments, memory problems, skin problems, hair loss problems, other illnesses has been reported to disappear slowly once starting an olive oil and garlic daily consumption. You’ll see results as time goes by, don’t expect an overnight magic’s.


Below is an Image of Ancient olive trees in southern Jordan Where its widely believed the first harvest of olives had taken place

Olive oil is mentioned in the wholly books of islam, jewish and Christian


What is the best olive oil in quality?

A very good question. The best olive oil in quality is as follows…

1 – Top choice is the extra virgin organic olive oil

2 – Extra virgin olive oil

3 – virgin olive oil

4 – Light olive oil

5 – Olive oil that is not over 30 months old.  If that is the case try to mix it with other vegetable oils and use it for frying, olive oil does not go bad, it goes old and looses some of its aroma, taste and characteristics. Don’t you wish it was wine?

6– Olive oil that is kept away from the sun, Smart companies use green bottles or containers to overcome this problem

7 – Olive oil that is kept between 60 and 70 fahrenheit , below or above this oil may loose some of its characteristics

8 – Use your common sense when buying olive oil, don’t fall for the very low price otherwise you’re going to end up with junk not a deal, at the same time don’t let anyone rip you off, you can always go online and determine the average price of what you’re buying before you purchase, and knock off those with very high price.

For example look under at this seller trying to market this olive oil bottle for $149, it seems it did not go his way and later he advertised it for $90, then $70, then $50, till $21, I still did not buy and thought the oil it contains does not worth $7 and I’m not about to pay for his fancy bottle.

As you can see and in many cases, you are paying for the bottle or fancy packaging more than the olive oil it contains.


So, don’t fall for the shape of the bottle, the oil it contains is no different from that you find in your supermarket for a fraction of the price.

9-  Mixed olive oil, I’m truly not a fan of mixed olive oil, this is when olive oil is mixed with other oils, I noticed very little percentage of olive oil is used during this process, I would use such oil for frying, there is no actual olive oil health advantages in such mixture, so, this is a waste of money if your intention is pure olive oil.

Can you recommend something for me?

Yes I will, This is a new site that I’m working on dedicated strictly for olive oil. and I have a few trusted brands I use myself for recommendation one of them is my top and I use it daily since the past year and that is the Kirkland Signature Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, it has different price tags in different places,  but I’m comfortable if I find a 2 litter bottle in a price range of $23 to $35,  if you see it going way below this range think twice before you purchase.

You will love this brand and love its taste, it is really genuine and authentic by Kirkland, a very trusted Italian company that take pride in their products. Best of all, it is organic, authentic, extra virgin, and first cold pressed, all you need from a real good olive oil. I’m sticking with this brand for now I will be working hard to find other exciting olive oil brands that worth my breakfast and yours.


Sam Ammouri

Owner of bestoliveoilbuy.com


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