Olive oil and constipation – Will olive oil help with constipation?

Olive oil and constipation is a topic that is still under extensive study. Olive oil is often glorified for its health benefits, which include lowering cholesterol levels and helping in balancing blood sugar levels and numerous other benefits reported by many people. So, Will olive oil help With constipation?

Constipation is a hard and slow movement of stools through the bowels. Some people may experience only a few bowel movements per week or days. The right norm is one bowel movement per day, but individual habits may vary from one person to another. With constipation, stools areOlive oil and constipation - Will olive oil help constipation? known to become hard and dry. Which makes the stool harder to pass and more likely to be accompanied by Abdominal pains.

The laxative results of the olive oils are mild in this situation. Also, olive oil is not known to cause side effects. Even if it offers a slight relief, then why not! It may be worth adding this healthy oil to your daily menu.

Constipation causes

Constipation has many possible causes. This can be as simple as a poor diet or as bad as colon cancer.

More causes of constipation can be…

  • A low-fiber diet
  • poor hydration
  • and a lack of regular exercise
  • Painkiller pills
  • blood pressure medications
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • multiple sclerosis
  • anal fissure—narrowing of the colon
  • Damage to the Neurological nerves around the colon and rectum

Olive oil contains monounsaturated fats. Your body benefits from these fats to improve your cardiovascular health. It’s also well recommended for weight loss than other oils with saturated fats or trans fats, which oftentimes contributed to weight gains and other health complications.

How to Use Olive Oil for Constipation

Organic Extra virgin olive oil is considered to be the best because it doesn’t go through a lot of processing stages. And because olive oil isn’t considered a medicine, there are no known regulations on how you should consume it.

Kirkland signature extra virgin olive oli is my top choice
Would you like my favorite organic extra virgin olive oil? This is me happy Sam.

In a study published by the University of Wisconsin, the researchers found that daily doses of olive oil had very positive results in improving most constipation symptoms in people with many illnesses that are known to cause constipation.

  • Take it straight, and as much as you can, but no more than 5 tablespoons.
  • Sprinkle some oil on your favorite salad, preferably with some fresh garlic,
  • In your cooking.

 Does olive oil have Side Effects?

This oil is a very healthy natural food and there have not been any reports of any problem with its application, on the contrary, it resolved many health problems that were irresolvable. If you accept the fact that olive oil has a lot of calories, but good ones, then, you should be smiling all the time. And trying a spoonful of olive oil here and there to treat your constipation carries no risk.

If you’ve tried olive oil or other treatments, and you’re still under constipation a few days or weeks later, consult your doctor, as this might be a very serious concern.

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Olive oil and constipation - Will olive oil help constipation?

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