kirkland Organic Olive Oil – What The Fuss Is All About?

kirkland Organic Olive Oil- What the fuss is all about?

In the last few years, Kirkland organic olive oil brands has earned a strong foothold in the worlds super competitive olive oil industry , thanks to the honesty, integrity and ethical business model of Costco –  the mother company of this brand, in addition to the fact that the companies olive oil brand is tastier, cleaner and has the real olive oil aroma that draws people to it like a magnet.

Whichever way you research this product you’ll find nothing but fully satisfied buyers that gave it a five star score in almost every review they made, no wonder why I love it myself and have been using Kirkland organic olive oil especially the Kirkland Signature Extra Virgin Olive Oilwith it’s mouth watering original extra virgin olive oil taste,  and the reasonably low price in comparison to many other fancy brands who does not even match the taste.

Kirkland oils Also scored big with the big guys such as LA Weekly who praised Kirkland oils for being “Big and Grassy,” which means strong-flavored, with aroma reminiscent of that of a freshly mowed lawn at spring,  two characteristics that professional tasters Apply. LA Weekly also praised Kirkland oils are less expensive than many other brands even with lesser quality.

Underneath is An Image of the kirkland signature organic extra virgin olive oil 67 ounce bottle,  the companies best seller and customers #1 pick and five star review winner.

Price ranges between $23.00 to $59.00 for 67 ounces depending on where you buy. That’s why I encourage all of you to shop around or you can save yourself time and click on the image and see where I buy mine for a very reasonable price.


If you are an olive oil fanatic like me then the Kirkland signature organic extra virgin olive oil is what you are looking for, no one can go wrong selecting this brand and won’t cost you a fortune.

Other factors that contributed to the unbeatable taste of this brand is the fact that it is a first cold press, which means it was processed within 24 hours of harvesting,  this is  the secrets that sets aside a good olive oil from the rest.

If you eat your olive oil straight then this is the brand I recommend,  and if you use it for cooking or frying then I recommend you use a lighter virgin since extra virgin olive oils has a very strong taste and can overwhelm the aroma of your desired dish.

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