KEROS – Top Greek Cold Pressed Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil – The Favorite Olive Oil Of 2020

KEROS is a true organic super food,  harvested from 1000 year old trees at elevation in the mountains of Greece. above Sparta.

The highest organic virgin oil caliber ever! 



 Unfiltered & Cold-pressed within a few hours of harvest. Incredibly its  low acidity is incredibly less than 0.2%, and marks as a 100% USDA organic extra virgin olive oil.

KEROS is being used by multiple Star chefs around the world for its elegant flavor that flavors incredibly well when finishing as well as cooking. Local  Mediterranean’s along with the Greeks are not afraid to sauté and brainstorm with high quality oil and you should as well!

Health benefits 


A corner stone of the Mediterranean Diet, these ancient olive trees produce oil that is high in antioxidants, is high phenolic biophenols-   and since it is unfiltered it ensures that the maximum health benefits stay with the oil. Many people including myself love to take a spoonful in the morning for maximum health rate and envious energy.

How Does KEROS Organic olive oil taste like?

 Real Rich, fresh herbal nose with peppery finish. Surprisingly tasty and elegant. If you do it for a week it becomes very addictive , but in a good healthy way


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