How to test olive oil – Know your olive oil

How to test olive oil – The Way To Know your olive oil


Olive oil is one of the best oils ever. It is extracted from the fruits of the Blessed Olive tree, which is mentioned in the Holy Quran and other holly books and contains many nutrients, vitamins, and minerals are beneficial to the body.

How to check olive oil

Taste and measure the degree of acidity, so if it is high the oil is not original, if a little acidity found,  then the oil is original and of high quality, acidity must not exceed one percent. olive oil is known at a high density compared to other types of oils.
Original olive oil retains its nutritional value, taste and strong smell, no matter how long it is stored.
 ways to test your olive oil

How to do this

Bring a cup of olive oil, place it in the fridge for at least two hours, and then take it out, if we notice that its color changed to pure white and completely frozen then this is an evidence that it is original, but if it did not freeze and stayed white then the oil is not original.

Benefits of olive oil

  1. Strokes and heart attacks, Olive oil  limit the softening of the arteries; studies conducted in 2011 have demonstrated the regular intake of olive oil for older persons increases the proportion of oleic acid and reduces the chance of stroke.
  2. Reduces the body’s harmful cholesterol rates, to contain polyphenol.
  3.  It benefits the skin; it gives it freshness, vitality, moisturizing, and delays the onset of early signs of premature aging, for the presence of materials anti-oxidant, it also limits the advent of acne, black heads, pimples, handles sunburn, and finishes of cellulite.
  4. Cleans sensitive skin; it has been used by Egyptians, Romans, ancient Greeks to clean the skin and remove dead skin cells.
  5.  Reduces the body’s sense of hunger and thus reduces the amount of food that is available.
  6.  Protects against different types of cancers, especially breast cancer.
  7.  Memory is useful, increases the ability to focus, and prevents Alzheimer’s infection.
  8.  Reduces high blood pressure, reducing nitric acid rates.
  9.  Strengthens the bones, protects against arthritis, and rheumatism.
  10.  Reduces dental pain.
  11.  Sound ringing
  12. Strengthens the hair, gives it smoothness, moisturizing, gloss, repairs, reduces precipitation, decreases the chance of early graying, and addresses the problem of lice.

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