Is Olive Oil Good For You? – Ten Top Facts

How Is Olive Oil Good For You?

Olive oil is not just a dietary staple in the Mediterranean region and other countries throughout the world. It also enjoys a respectable reputation in the United States, Canada and Europe.

How Is Olive Oil Good For You - See The Ten Top Facts

As a food pillar, olives themselves are made up of 20 to 28 percent oil. About 78 percent of it is heart-healthy monounsaturated fatty acid. Commercial and home-made producers press fresh olives harvested mainly in countries that border the Mediterranean Sea. These countries include Spain, Italy, Tunisia  and Greece.

In fact, over 98 percent of the world’s olive oil production comes from just 20 countries. Good-quality extra virgin olive oil stacks up many health benefits and contains essential vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants.

Olive oil is also gentle on your stomach and digestive system and prevents gallstones and soothes ulcers. It also delays and or eliminates the onset of diabetes and promotes weight loss. If olive oil isn’t yet a regular part of your diet table, it’s about time you start.

Here is 10 facts Regarding How Is Olive Oil Good For You


1- Olive Oil Helps Fight Diabetes

Including extra virgin olive oil as a part of your balanced diet may help prevent or delay the onset of diabetes. Some of the fats in the oil can reduce the risk of developing diabetes almost by 50%. An anti-inflammatory agent in olive oil fights the specific inflammation that is the underlying cause of diabetes.

2- Olive Oil proven to Promotes Weight Loss

Taking a diet rich in extra virgin olive oil may have more of an impact on longer-lasting weight loss results than a low-fat diet program. Contrary to the belief that a low-fat diet is the most effective way.

Numerous olive oil studies have shown different results. Olive oil may, in fact, help you lose weight by controlling the hunger pangs. It also reduces the very popular sugar cravings.

3- Olive Oil can Improves Brain Function

According to many sources and health experts,  Olive oil is a great “brain food,” and that means it protects the brain from free radical and time related damage. With free radicals, split oxygen molecules have unpaired electrons and are unstable and can become a danger when and if they start boning to other molecules or atoms in the body.

How Is Olive Oil Good For You - See The Ten Top Facts

Study experts see free radicals as a threat to a good health. Moreover, scientists associate them with cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, atherosclerosis and other diseases. Scientists also have linked free radicals to aging.

The process of natural aging is considered a gradual accumulation of free-radical damage. This divine oil (Mentioned on all holly books)  is effective against free radicals. It is high in essential brain vitamins, including E and K.

These vitamins work together to slow memory loss and reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia diseases. Olive oil will help keep your brain sharp as well as your age.

4- Olive Oil Can Help with Depression And Anxiety

Sadly,  a hefty number of people have lower levels of serotonin, a hormone in the body popularly known as a “feel-good” brain chemical which Scientists have linked to mood swings, depression, and anxiety.

Some researches indicates that olive oil may create higher levels of serotonin. In another study,  Spanish researchers discovered that those who followed a specific diet had more of the hormone.

A Mediterranean diet rich in virgin olive oil, vegetables, beans, and fruits meant a 35 percent less chance of depression. Moreover, these studies hint that heart disease and depression may share some common effects related to a certain diet.

5- Olive oil can Help Relieve Pain

Extra virgin olive oil contains a substance called oleocanthal which houses anti-inflammatory agents. This compound acts in the same way as pain medicine would. It stifles the part of the nervous system that gives rise to pain.

Many Olive oil studies suggests inflammation causes quite a few chronic diseases. Therefore, its properties grow more compelling as a remedy. It may not cure your headache, but it may give you some of the long-term benefits and immunity including helping to ward off Alzheimer’s disease.

6- Olive Oil Can Help Prevent Strokes

Studies have indicated that olive oil may play a part in reducing the risk of strokes. A diet With sustained olive oil use can help dissolve blood clots. International researchers from Italy and France reported olive oil might prevent strokes in older and young people alike.


They noticed that older people who regularly use olive oil for cooking, salad dressing or bread had a 43 percent lower risk of a stroke. The massive study was compared with their counterparts who never consumed the oil.

7- Olive Oil Helps Strengthen Your Immune System

The task of your immune system is defending your body against invasion by strange objects. Some of these include toxins, microorganisms, parasites, and tumor triggers. Recent research from Germany shows that the fatty acids in the olive oil contributes in lowering immune crises such as increased white blood cells.

This is triggered by specific B- and T-cells. These fatty acids in olive oil play a crucial role in making your body function at its best. Moreover, They help in treating some autoimmune diseases and regulate your response system in a very effective way.

8- Olive oil Can Prevents Skin Cancer

A recent study found that olive oil and other ingredients included in a Mediterranean diet can prevent malignant cancerous tumors. People can slow down this most dangerous type of skin cancer by making olive oil diet a routine .

Moreover, the olive oil is rich in antioxidants that help protect skin cells from damage caused by oxygen processes. While the use of sunscreen remains an effective way to prevent sunburn and protect the skin from the harmful effects of the sun’s UVA and UVB rays,  consume olive oil each can help you counter the effects of the sun as well.

9- Olive oil can Help to Fight Osteoporosis

Medical Study experts characterize osteoporosis as a decrease in bone mass. This bone loss, in turn, makes the structure of bone tissue change, causing the bones to become fragile. How Is Olive Oil Good For You - See The Ten Top Facts

This kind of weakness increases the possibility of bone fractures and may even cause the slightest knocks or falls potentially fatal for some. Olive oil supplementation and takings was found to have a positive effect on the thickness of bones. Therefore,  It is essential to include some sources of calcium in your diet.

Olive oil  was proven to help your body to absorb calcium. In the Mediterranean where the standard diet is rich in olive oil, there are fewer cases of such disease.

10- Olive oil Is a Great Beauty contributor

Olive oil can be a great source for beauty tools. You can combine it with you favorite shampoo for silky hair results, or combine it with sugar to use as a face and body skin scrub and you can use it as a makeup remover.

If your hair gets weak, dull and brittle, you can use olive oil as a shine serum to tame stray hair. You can also use it to rehab your dry and damaged cuticles and nails, or use it as a conditioner for dry lips.

Final Thoughts

If your skin is too dry and your elbows and heels are also dry and cracked, use it for extra softening and hydration. The Anti-aging extra virgin olive oil helps with osteoporosis and skin damage. It supplies a special protective coating on the skin and brings a lot of health benefits with regular routine. Ingest olive oil and use it on the outside too. You will reap extra rewards from this divine and supernatural healthy power.


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What Is Olive Oil Benefits - You'll Be Very surprised With These Benefits              How Is Olive Oil Good For You - See The Ten Top Facts


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How Is Olive Oil Good For You - See The Ten Top Facts


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