drinking olive oil benefits – What is the difference

What are the benefits of drinking olive oil?

What is the difference between consuming olive through drinking or cooking?drinking olive oil benefits

If you can drink a few teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil right out of the bottle daily you’ll for sure be the healthiest man walking on this planet. Most foods loose a great deal of their nutrition value when subjected to high fire and sadly olive oil & garlic are one of these foods.

As a matter of fact,  taking olive oil straight from the bottle is very common practice among many older Mediterranean men and women, and that generation happened to be the healthiest on earth. Some of them were born in the late 1880’s and still alive TILL this minute in some parts of the Mediterranean sea especially on the Lebanese mountains. You may Google research this fact if you wish.

Consuming  any vegetable or fruit in the form of juice or oil the way as is guarantees your body the fastest absorption of the product and a 100% of it’s nutrition value without any doubt.  Just make sure it is a genuine organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil you are taking , you don’t want junk,  and there no lack of this out there.

If you ever happened to watch some late TV shows marketing networks then you must have seen some of the juicers they sell especially designed to liquefy whole vegetables and fruits for your healthiest consumption.

Such methods have changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people and enabled them to overcome many illnesses modern medicines could not cure.  As a matter of fact I have what is called  The Nutri Bullet,  this device is a true life changer ESPECIALLY if you use it for the very purpose you bought it for.

Of course not all our appetites are capable of taking straight olive oil right out of the bottle, I personally tried but couldn’t do more than one tablespoon, my stomach gets too upset, but I’m able to easily consume it with other foods. I DO know a few people who can drink a whole bottle without a flinch. Again we’re not made the same, but if you are from those lucky ones you hit the jackpot.

As I mentioned in most my posts,  olive oil truly has phenomenal healing energies, it was mentioned in the 3 holly books of Judaism Christianity and Islam. If taking daily with a couple of garlic tooth it will work magic on your body no doubt. Hopefully this will be your new year resolution, to get back your health,  we say, ” If you aren’t healthy, you have nothing” .  Good luck and happy new year of 2018.

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