Does Olive Oil Reduce Cholesterol? See real facts

Does olive oil reduce cholesterol, and the answer is yes! Numerous studies around the world have proven that pure extra virgin olive oil can for sure reduce high cholesterol if taken regularly without interceptions. Studies at the University of Pennsylvania in 2021 confirmed this fact. It would take only a few months to start seeing the effects.

Does Olive Oil Reduce Cholesterol

Olive oil with lemon and fresh garlic

When olive oil is combined with lemon and garlic, the results can be sooner and more dramatic, said Dr. Jeffry Schultz,  from the research team at the University of Pennsylvania. And if a regular exercise is added to this menu, the result can be so amazing, he said.

The study was conducted on 50 people with high cholesterol levels, of which 25 people were given a cup of olive oil mixed with 2 cloves of garlic and one whole fresh lemon juice, and the other 25 were given other cholesterol-reducing oils for 3 months.

The more positive results came from those who took the olive oil, with many of them reporting even much improvement in their sex drive, this is another bonus from taking olive oil and garlic, the Dr. said.

Does Olive Oil Reduce Cholesterol?

Using olive oil for thousands of years

The Mediterranean region population has been using this miracle healing energy of olive oil for as long as history can be recalled.  They relied on olive for reducing arthritis, constipation, common colds, smooth skin treatment, and boosting sex drive by mixing olive oil with fresh garlic.

Too many benefits to mention

Olive oil benefits can be too many to mention, and the best thing to do is to start taking this natural healing wonder as soon as possible and don’t miss out anymore.

I have written numerous articles addressing the tremendous benefits of olive oil and how it can naturally treat many well-known illnesses, take your time and read some of these articles, and hope to see you join the olive oil club.


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