Is Extra Virgin Olive Oil Better Than Viagra For Men’s Sex Drive

Study Proved Extra Virgin Olive Oil Is Better Than Viagra For Men’s Sex Drive Is Extra Virgin Olive Oil  Better Than Viagra For Men’s Sex Drive? Greek Researchers found a diet rich in olive oil keeps blood vessels healthy – maintaining circulation in all body parts. Those who consumed at least nine tablespoons of olive oil weekly are far less likely to suffer from impotence than […]

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Top 10 Olive Oil Brands – Find Best Olive Oil Effortlessly

Why Look So Hard To find Your Favorite Olive Oil? My top 10 olive oil brand recommendation will absolutely make it easy for all olive oil lovers to find their favorite and delicious olive oil effort free. With endless brands, conflicting reports and recommendations out there,  many people would warmly appreciate a good straight to the point recommendations. Extra virgin and organic […]

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drinking olive oil benefits – What is the difference

What are the benefits of drinking olive oil? What is the difference between consuming olive through drinking or cooking? If you can drink a few teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil right out of the bottle daily you’ll for sure be the healthiest man walking on this planet. Most foods loose a great deal of their nutrition value when subjected to high fire and sadly olive oil & […]

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