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In the last 2 decades, California earned itself a respected place in the olive oil industry and even surpassed those who have been producing oil for thousands of years with its own unprecedented product quality and integrity.

For example,  look at the California olive ranch located in the central stretches of California with It’s delicious warm weather, the kind of temperature where olive trees thrive,  who recently won a few medals with the olive oil quality and clean ethical production, unlike the many scandalous European production that is  getting worse by the year.

Meet Miller Bob, Chief executive officer of the ranch in the video below and see the excitement of being in such healthy environment and what he has to say.

There is so many good choices to choose from even though I always aim at the best of the best and that is…  ( Organic extra virgin olive oil)  make sure you write this down if you want the best of olive oil.

So go ahead with the California olive, it is trustful, clean and ethical.  If you want to consume the oil straight my advice is go for the extra virgin and if you just want to use it for cooking, I’d rather you go for a lighter and cheaper model. Extra virgin olive oil has a strong bitter taste, Therefore I prefer no to use it for cooking,  it  can overwhelm the taste of your dish with a strong olive oil aroma.

See my top recommendation for California olive oil

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