Best Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil I Recommend – Why Look So Hard?

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Are you looking for the best olive oil but found yourself very confused in an ocean of conflicting information, reviews and recommendations?

Kirkland signature extra virgin olive oli is my top choice

Happy Sam Ammouri with my Favorite oil

Or you just decided to give this wonderful oil a new beginning.

Well, This is exactly what I started this website for.

Bookmark this site, I’ll be working very hard to pinpoint the best of the best, buy it and try it, and use my life experience as a Mediterranean olive oil passionate to reveal everything about this product…  “price and quality alike”  before  giving any recommendation.

Look at my photo to the right, yes! I will first buy it, and tell you about it.

Here is a few brands I’ve been using and feel comfortable with, some are pricier than others but the quality is the same, the choice here is yours.

Kirkland signature extra virgin olive oil

I wrote a nice article about this brand see it here, as a matter of fact I just got these 2 bottles… I love this brand especially the Kirkland organic signature.

See my image below,  Look how happy I am, LOL.

Just click here to learn more about it – see where I got it for the best deal.

Kirkland signature extra virgin olive oli is my top choice


Carapalli Organic extra virgin olive oil

Comes from California olives, “bold and peppery on the nose,” “subtle, balanced, and vibrant,” absolute dinner party worthy!.

You can always shop around to get a good deal, just make sure you buy from a trustful source with a good customer service and east refund in case something goes wrong. or you may  Just click here To learn more about this product or get it for a good deal. This where I get most my good deals.

Organic carapelli extra virgin olive oil

Spanish Hojiblanca Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Spanish Hojiblanca Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Best virgin


The Spanish Hojiblanca Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes straight from “Andalusia- Spain” has Smooth rich olive flavor and comes form First cold pressed,  This is a process that take place in 24 hours of harvest, something you should always investigate when searching for the best olive oils. Jenuine proud companies won’t be afraid of stating so in their labels.

This wonderful aromatic olive oil has a lovely taste. Perfect for salads, seasoning  Or straight intake and delicious for making seafood dishes.


Amazon Best Sellers Extra Virgin Olive Oil

See amazon best sellers here

best sellers extra virgin olive oil

I bought a few brands from this page, only one brand disappointed me and this is the (Iberia) Product of Spain, that was real junk, it was my mistake, I went for the low price and I guess we all make some mistakes sometimes, but to my estimate 95% of the products on this page are good. I still recommend you research more,   read a few reviews and see what some people have to say before buying anything.  Anyway,  in here,  you’ll have an excellent customer service and you’ll be smoothly refunded if something goes wrong.

Select organic products whenever you can, especially olive oil,  its my first choice.

Please Book mark this page,  I’m on the process of buying the top brands to review and tell you if they worth your money or not.


Your pal

Sam Ammouri