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I’m Sam Ammori, owner of the best olive  Once upon a time, I lived in a country around the Mediterranean Sea till 1978, when I decided to change my lifestyle and came to the United States right after high school graduation.

I managed a 2-year college degree in business and worked in many fields since my arrival, of which one was my own business.

Back home we lived off orchards of olives, peaches, apples, and oranges we harvested from a few acres we owned,  what stood out from the harvest was the olive oil which made most of the family’s income and cooking needs for the entire year plus a very good return.

Became a part of my life.

Olive oil has been part of my life without fail,  even here I always search for the best and most economical.  The sad part is the fact that over 70% of the olive oil in the United States is altered one way or another and most people are being cheated without even realizing it, or maybe they just got tired of It and accepted things the way they are.

It does not have to be this way.

But it does not have to be this way,  why reward a thief? Or thieves, there is always a way to get what you pay for the way you expect it and the way it should be.

Government help is minimal since there are thousands of overseas and domestic importers who are involved in this process and authorities cannot go around and open each bottle and send it to a lab to find out what exactly is in each bottle or container.

What can I do if I don’t know much about olive oil?

The best answer is to take the advice of experienced individuals who know what olive oil is and pinpoint the good from the junk and crappy and read consumer reviews, with such education from the start, you’ll develop a distinctive taste for the right olive.

And in a short period of time, you’ll start to distinguish the difference between the good and the bad without help. And this is what this website Is all about, directing you to the right product and the most economical way, so you won’t fall victim to altered junky products.

I promise you the best of the best

I will be providing you with the best and real olive oil sources and where to find it at the right deal and shed the light on the phenomenal health advantages of olive oil, so please bookmark and share this page for future comebacks.

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